YOUR CONSULTANT IS Kristina Tetzlaff

My Story

Let me introduce myself......my name is Kris.  Who am I? I am a wife, a full-time mom, a friend, a church volunteer, a PTA Board Member and SO much more. I'm just the girl next door who loves Jesus, her family, life and SCENTSY! In 2011, my husband's job brought us from Oklahoma to Los Angeles. After the move, I left the workforce to devote myself full-time to my family and taking care of our 2 beautiful children. My Scentsy journey began by accident. After my mom discovered black soot coming out of the duct work and on the ceilings of her home, she wanted to find a safer alternative to candles. I gave her a Scentsy warmer as a gift, and she fell in LOVE!  I joined Scentsy to help fund our habit, and the rest is history. Scentsy has blossomed into a beautiful business and helps me support my family financially while staying home. It doesn't get much better than getting paid to enjoy products you love, meet new people and host parties with friends. I am reaching for the stars! Thank you for letting me be your Scentsy girl and for supporting my family business! I PROMISE to treat you as my most important customer, provide you with quality products, outstanding service and that ever important personal touch! Welcome to my Scentsy family! Warm Wishes, Kris Kris emotiI am a wife, to my hubby of almost 13 years, a full-time mom, a church volunteer, PTA Board Member and a self proclaimed "Jesus freak".